Principal Investigator

Dr. Andrew Kern
University of Oregon
Evergreen Associate Professor, Department of Biology
and the Institute of Ecology and Evolution

Sc. B. in Biology from Brown University, 1999
Ph. D. in Population Genetics from University of California, Davis, 2005

Google Scholar: Andrew Kern

Lab Members

Jeff Adrion, Ph. D.
Postdoctoral Fellow
Google Scholar: Jeffrey Adrion

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CJ Battey
Postdoctoral Fellow
Google Scholar: CJ Battey

Vince Buffalo
Postdoctoral Fellow
Google Scholar: Vince Buffalo

Gabrielle Coffing
Rotation Student

Murillo Fernando Rodrigues
Ph.D. Student

Interested in joining the lab? We are always on the lookout for enthusiastic students and postdocs with all levels of experience from a diversity of backgrounds. Please don’t hesitate to send an email and get in touch if you want to hear more about what we do!

Kern Lab Alumni

Jared Galloway, Scientific Programmer (2018-2019), now Master's student in Bioinformatics
Alexander Xue, postdoc (2017-2018), now Postdoc in Adam Siepel’s lab at CSHL
Dan Schrider, postdoc (2013-2018), now Assistant Professor at UNC Chapel Hill
Erik Lavington, postdoc (2016), now postdoc in Siobhan Duffy’s lab at Rutgers University.
Alexander Shanku, grad student (2010-2016), now Machine Learning Scientist, Ford Motor Company
Dawn Chen, undergrad researcher (2014-2015), now Graduate Student in Andy Clark’s lab at Cornell University
Elizabeth Hellen, postdoc (2013-2014), now Research Services Librarian at U. Sheffield
Daniel Hupalo, grad student (2009-2013), now Senior Computational Biologist, American Genome Center
Bryan Kolaczkowski, postdoc (2009-2010), now Assistant Professor at U. of Florida
Amanda Jensen, former lab manager (2009-2011), now Surface Water Scientist, Colorado Dept. of Public Health